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When it comes to extra wide shoes, we certainly don’t compromise on style, fit, or comfort, in fact, these are the three qualities that we look for when crafting our extra wide fit shoes. So, you can confidently refresh your footwear collections with wide fit shoes, boots, and slippers that will make you look and feel great.

Our wider fit shoe collections have been made with 6E fit, equipped with easy and adjustable fastenings they make the perfect shoes for ladies and gents with very wide or swollen feet. From smart leather shoes, to pull on boots, summer sandals, and cosy slippers, EasyFit is your one stop shop for stylish and comfortable footwear through every season.

Introducing EasyFit

Styles so comfortable you'll want to wear them everyday.

Extra wide 6E fits.

Easy to get on and off swollen feet.

Water and oil resistant

Adjustable fastenings

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